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Common Core State Standards - ELA

Language Arts Standards (PDF)

Writing Resources

Support for writing skill development and proper formatting can be found at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

The MLA format is used for all typed papers at Excelsior Middle School.

Guidelines for the general format used in the majority of papers is outlined on this page of the Online Writing Lab.


 Sample paper


Specific topics of interest on the Online Writing Center site:

Citing online sources

Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

Math Standards (PDF)

Math Resources

The California Department Education's Common Core Team has received several requests from parents who want to know more about the instruction their child is receiving in mathematics. To address this need, the Common Core Team has made available the Mathematics Resources for Parents and Guardians Web page (PDF). Parents are first advised to work with their child's teachers as they are the most familiar with the mathematics program being used at Excelsior. The link below will provide you with information about the transition to newer methods of mathematics instruction and resources that explain the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and provide suggestions for parents and guardians for supporting their child's academic success

Holt Macdougal Online