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Non-Activities List

Non Activities List

Students may be placed on the Non Activities List for any of the following reasons: 

  • A discipline referral 
  • School fines that exceed $5.00 (i.e. Library, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Earning under a 2.0 in academics. 

Students on the Non Activities List may NOT participate or attend any after school sports, dances, field trips, or special events. This includes 8th grade activities, such as the 8th grade dance, trip, and promotion ceremony. Administration will determine if a student is taken off the Non Activities List.

In some cases, the consequence for breaking a school rule results in suspension. While suspended, students may not be on ANY school campus, or attend ANY school sponsored function. It is important to note that California Education Code states that teachers do NOT have to provide work for a student who has been suspended from school. If a student is suspended, they will remain on the Non Activities List until determined by administration.

For students to be eligible to attend school dances they must meet the following criteria:

1. Students must arrive at the dance no later than 20 minutes after the designated start time.

2. Students must stay at the dance until the official end time unless they are picked up at the door by his/her parent or guardian.

4. Students must follow the dress code.

5. Only currently enrolled students of Excelsior School of Byron may attend the dances. Former students, alumni, and friends may not attend.

6. Students must attend a full day of school on the day of the dance.

7. Students on the Non-Activities List may not attend the dance.

8. Students who have inappropriate behavior will get removed from the dance.

9. The back of the dance ticket must be signed by the student and their parent/guardian for admittance.