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Mrs. Colbert


Mrs. Louise Colbert

Technology, Leadership, Yearbook

(925) 809-7530 ext. 2022

It is a pleasure and honor to be teaching in the Byron Union District for my 25th year.  I'm a California girl through and through and grew up as a teacher's kid.  The most important experience as a teacher was meeting my husband here!  We have two grown children who went to school at Discovery Bay, Excelsior, and Liberty.  

After graduating from American High School (go Eagles!), and a few years at Fresno State, I graduated from Cal State Northridge.  My graduate work was completed back up in the bay area at San Francisco State.

comuter.jpgAt BUSD I've taught grades 4-8 and at all three schools.  Math / Science / Technology were my early areas of focus.  I served as our first Technology Coordinator quite a few years before the Internet was available in homes and schools.  Learning and improving as a teacher have been a consistent focus throughout my career.  Sharing what I've learned with fellow teachers is an ongoing passion that I've done at local and statewide technology conferences.  Seeing that light bulb go on, witnessing that moment of understanding is the absolute best part my experience teaching.