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Philosophy of Teaching

Byron Union School District
Teacher of the Year 2009-2010
Stacie Maslen

Philosophy of Teaching


          The art of teaching is not only knowing about one's subject matter, possessing extraordinary classroom management skills or designing lessons leading to student mastery. For me, teaching is a process of building genuine relationships with students. The relationship I establish with each student is my vehicle for student success-academically, socially, and emotionally. Furthermore, I strive to have a classroom environment based on mutual respect and trust. This respect and trust fosters opportunities for growth and instills in students the desire for achievement. When a student is able to, make a mistake, look back at that mistake, know it was a step in learning, then that student will take another step towards understanding.

Life for every individual is a sequence of choices and students need the tools to make informed and thoroughly thought out decisions. Simply put, children need to be empowered. Without empowerment they will never fully bloom and be the best they can be. Children must learn in the classroom the skill and ability to assess his or own situation, both in and outside the classroom, and then take ownership of his or her own actions.

            To help students achieve full growth and success the educator's role is to be a facilitator, using the best methods available. These methods include, but are not limited to: cooperative learning, expectation of all students to use higher order thinking skills, Socratic questioning, formative and summative assessment, alternative assessment alongside school district assessment, use of available technology, and finally, using integrated approaches that consider different learning styles.

            My rewards in teaching come from the company I keep Monday through Friday, each school year-the students. When I see students exploring new ideas, revisiting old ones, making connections between the pages of their textbook and their lives, it is like the spark that lights the candle. That spark triggers enduring light by which each student will find his or her path to the future. 

            Teaching is an awesome responsibility-a responsibility I am privileged to accept. My personal teaching style is based on true relationships with students, which promotes mutual respect, responsibility, and high expectations. The meeting of high expectations is possible when individuals know they matter. Although subjective, being considered an "outstanding teacher" is an honor, one equal to what I do every day-interacting and promoting the best in each student.



My interview with the Contra Costa Times can be found at the link below:

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